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Hope is a companion and a support when life is hard.

Badain Jaran Desert; Photo by Hannah Lund

Jaran = Hope

Hope plays a central role in any change. Without an abiding hope of something better, the work of change becomes overwhelming and is quickly abandoned. A trusted therapist can hold onto hope for you, even (and perhaps especially) when you can't hold it for yourself. 

Since early childhood, “Jaran” was my internal word for hope. I never really questioned my word until I began to think of using it as the name for my psychotherapy practice ...which is when I began to search the internet for “Jaran” to see if my word had meaning to others and whether those other meanings might speak to my own. What I found resonated deeply, seeming to blend magic and mystery with water and sand. The Badain Jaran Desert occupies parts of China and Inner Mongolia, covering an area of more than 30,000 sq miles; it is home to some of the tallest stationary sand dunes on earth. Yet hope abides in this desert in the presence of nearly 140 permanent lakes, giving the desert its name, which in Mongolian means "mysterious lakes". [Photo provided to]