Virtual Office


Why Virtual Office?

In response to the Stay At Home order issued for Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County, I will be temporarily closing my physical office in order to adhere to the order. As most of you already know, I am prepared to provide video/telehealth sessions in place of in-person meetings during this crisis. I am taking the step of automatically transitioning all currently scheduled sessions from the 1033 Corporate Square office to my “virtual office”. I will assume we are meeting via video unless I hear from you prior to a currently scheduled session.

If you do not want to meet via the video session, please let me know. I may offer the option of talking on the phone without video feed where appropriate*; however, my preference is to be able to see your face and for you to see mine. I believe that this face to face contact is, and will become, increasingly important as we move through the next month(s).*Please note that telephone sessions are not billable to insurance, so the fee for this service would be at my private pay rate of $100.


CURRENT CLIENTS: Please reach out as often as you find helpful via my client portal; I will respond as quickly as possible to all messages. If you need to speak with me urgently, please call me at 314-374-6278 – I will answer your calls when possible during daylight hours. In any case I will call you back within 24 hours or the next weekday. Please don’t hesitate to call back if you don’t get a response within this timeframe. PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS: Please feel free to contact me through the Contact Me section of this website; I look forward to speaking with you.


The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. - Anonymous

How to Have a Virtual Session

At or near the time of your scheduled session you should receive an email from me with a link to the virtual office – you can connect to the session using a phone, tablet, or computer. While this procedure has been in place for several weeks, I am still adjusting to the new way of doing things. If you can’t connect right at your session time, or don’t see the email, please log into my client portal and message me that you are having trouble linking to the session (you can also text me, but as always, text is not a secure format). So far, the biggest challenges to connecting have been able to be resolved quickly, but some have taken up to 20 minutes to work out. I appreciate your patience through this transition.  

Please note: video sessions/teletherapy are a normal part of my electronic medical record software, which means that it is a secure form of communication that is fully compliant with relevant privacy practices/policies (HIPAA, HITECH, etc.). No part of the Video session is recorded or saved electronically by the software. 

Immediate Help Needed?

If you need immediate attention, please contact your nearest emergency services (aka Emergency Department, Hospital, etc.). There is 24/7 support available via Behavioral Health Response Services [BHRS] at 314-469-6644, or toll free at 800-811-4760.

In addition, you can find support online at Behavioral Health Response: and Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri: others. 

For information about COVID-19, please look to the Missouri Department of Health: the Centers for Disease Control [CDC]: the World Health Organization [WHO]:

There is a huge amount of information on the internet, some of it is accurate, some of it is based on fear and fear-mongering; these are scary times, we do not need misinformation to increase our fear. As a general rule, if the site you are surfing is telling you who to blame for this crisis or in any other way is fueling your hate, please surf away from that site. Remember, Hate doesn’t protect anyone or anything.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.- Martin Luther King, Jr.