Play Therapy / Mental Health Services for Children, Adolescents, & Adults


Kids - Ages 4 to 10


At your wit's end or just not sure how to help? Is your child struggling? Are they adjusting to a change in your family (divorce, remarriage, siblings arriving or moving out)? Grief? Is school challenging them and you? I work with kids to build self-confidence, manage frustration and anger, decrease anxiety, learn self-soothing and bring back the fun.

Tweens & Teens - ages 11 to 17


Is this normal?! Is your child depressed, anxious, struggling in school or with peers? Has your home become a battlefield? Therapy with Tweens & Teens focuses on finding solutions for challenging behavior and emotions through art, games, mindfulness practice and more. We build self-confidence and ownership of our decisions and behavior.

Adults - ages 18 and over


Yes, we can play too! Healthy adults need play as much as children. Though it may look different from children's play, adult play serves the same functions and it's equally essential. I work with adults using talk therapy as well as art, mindfulness, resource building and more to help you find your joy. Whether you're new to counseling or feel like you've already tried it all, change is possible.

Parents (Guardians) and Youth


Kids don't need perfect parents; they need "good enough" parents - which means YOU! Whether you brought them into the world or welcomed them into your life from another family, you are your child's best resource and advocate. I work with you and your child to find solutions to strengthen relationships and manage challenging behaviors together.